More sales, less work.

Why Choose Quick Cuisine?

Drive Sales and Compete

We service over 25,000 Hawaii residents annually and we have thousands of uniques visitors who visit our site everyday. We get restaurants noticed.

Risk-Free Incremental Sales

Your customers are ordering delivery right now, its a fact. Add sales straight to your bottom line simply by partnering with us. We call it, “More Sales, Less Work.” If we generate no sales for you, we make no money either.

Customer Service

Our 100% local customer service center is standing by to handle any requests or questions you may have.  Our restaurants are our customer too, and we treat you like it.


We have the SAME technology as the big boys. From Customer GPS to restaurant mobile ordering apps to POS integration, we are constantly innovating to make the experience easier for our restaurants and customers.

Driver Workforce

Let us spend the time to find drivers and pay them. You just need to do what you do best- Run a great restaruant! Plus, our drivers and operation are fully insured, meaning there is little risk to the restauranteur.

100% Local

We love Hawaii and pride ourselves on being a Kama’aina company. Our number one mission is to help your restaurant grow because when our restaurants grow, so too does our community.

Pricing and Features:

QUICK CUSINE HAWAII commission rates

Base Delivery Fee

(Customer pays delivery fee. The lower the fee the more orders you will receive)

Online Menu at

Access to entire driver fleet

Local Call Center and Support

No Contract, Cancel Anytime

Zero On-Boarding Fees

Menu Booster

Premier Placement in Magazine

Menu in Magazine

We deliver your drinks

All credit card fees paid by Quick Cuisine

Percentage charge for takeout orders

(this is an option, if you want to employ a Quick Cuisine online takeout platform)

Integration into your POS

(Subject to availability, we currently support intergration into 21 POS systems)













Frequently Asked Questions:

I am worried about the quality of the food.

All drivers carry extremely high quality, insulated delivery bags. Additionally, time is money for a driver. As a result, they tend to move at a brisk pace. By controlling temperature and quickly getting the food to your customer, our delivered product is usually of a higher quality than most takeout, which sits for a longer period and also has no bag to control the temperature. While nothing is as good eating it fresh on site, customers know this. They also know we do everything we can to preserve the quality of your food, which is why they order from us repeatedly.

I'm lucky if my restaurant makes 10% every month. How can I afford a higher percentage?

Most owners factor in fixed costs like salaries, insurances, rent, and utilities when determining their margin. The truth is, these costs are the same whether you partner with Quick Cuisine Hawaii or not. Also, we handle virtually all the customer service and front-of-house labor. The only expense a restaurant incurs on a Quick Cuisine Hawaii order is food cost, typically 15-40%. When you factor in all the savings, some restaurants can earn MORE margin on a delivery than they would on an in-restaurant diner.

What if a mistake or error is made?

Being a 100% local company, nothing matters to us more than what our customers think of us. This means we ensure customer satisfaction at all costs. If we make an error, it is on us. If you make an error, we will work together to make sure the customer is satisfied. Of course, mistakes will occur, but we have full time support staff to follow up and make sure the customer is happy.

What if my menu changes?

No problem. Menu changes can usually be made and updated online within a few hours. We do not charge to make menu changes. Changes can be sent to

Why can't I just raise my prices?

The short answer is because it will cause you to upset and lose your customers, who likely know the prices of your regular menu items. Since this is antithetical to our goal of helping restaurants grow, we require all partners to list prices accurately. Any restaurant in violation of this policy will be removed from the service until the menu is correctly updated.

What if the volume is too much for my kitchen?

Truthfully, our busiest restaurants receive between 7-20 orders per day. Our average restaurant will receive 2-6 orders per day. Your restaruant should be able to handle this type of extra volume. Otherwise, please review your procedures and consider carefully before partnering. Delivery is a great opportunity to gain new customers and sales. But mishandled, mistakes can certainly cost restaurants customers. Just like you wouldn’t offer takeout unless you were set up to handle it, the same should apply for delivery. If you have concerns, email and we would be happy to consult with you and your team about the best strategy to be successful.

What if I run out of an item on any given day?

No problem. You will get to know our support staff by name. We are always just a phone call away and can happily disable items for the remainder of the day immediately, upon request.

What about Catering?

A catering menu will be published if provided. Catering sales subject to the same commission as regular delivery sales.

What if I need advanced notice for big orders or certain items?

Also not a problem. Our software is designed to handle these parameters.

Will advertising in the magazine increase my sales?

All restaurants should advertise in the magazine. About 50% of our orders are placed over the phone where customers are ordering out of the menu guide. Having your menu in the magazine is absolutely crucial and is something our highest performers all have in common. Having an advertisement will give you a visual presence and help brand your restaurant. Additionally, the magazine is a great value and has a shelf life that will last years as it remains in peoples’ homes, offices, cars, hotels, timeshares, and vacation rentals. Advertisers have sales 64.4% higher than non-advertisers, on average. While printing is effective, there is a raw paper cost that we ask our restaurants to pay for; we do not make a profit off the magazine. All marketing efforts are pooled to generate all participating restaurants equally, while optimizing the price.

How are orders placed at my restaurant?

We have the ability to place orders many ways, and we can usually adapt to any restaurant’s procedures. All orders receive a phone call confirmation no matter how the order is sent to the restaurant. We can send orders via eatabit thermal printers, ordering tablets, or POS integration. All involve the restaurant making an investment in a printer, ink, phone line, wifi, or mobile data network to receive orders, so please be prepared to set services up if you have not done so yet. It is an investment your customers will appreciate, and will enable them to send you countless orders.

When and how do I get paid?

Payments are made on a semi-monthly basis, on the first business day of the next semi-month. Payment is mailed via check.

What about Credit Card Fees?

Credit Card Fees are paid out of the commission received by Quick Cuisine Hawaii. Other services and national brands charge the restaurants or the customer up to 3.5% for merchant fees, on top of their commission. We do not believe in doing that, and we believe its a more honest approach for both our customers and partners. When we say no hidden fees, we mean it!

Do I provide my own packaging?

Yes. Restaurants partnered with Quick Cuisine Hawaii compete with other restaurants for deivery sales. Your takeout packaging is one of the biggest differentiators that will keep your customers coming back in the future. Know your customers. Chinese restaurants should provide chopsticks, health food restaurants should probably have environmentally friendly packaging, and soups should come with spoons. These are simple amenities your customers expect in return for giving you their business. As a recent example, one restaurant upgraded to microwavable containers and saw an increase in average ticket. This makes obvious sense, customers could order more food and re-heat it later. Just remember, the customer is choosing your restaurant over many other options. Don’t let them regret it.

Do I provide Utensils/plates, etc?

Yes. We occasionally have extras on hand to provide in the event a restaurant forgets. But the presentation and packaging of the food is the restaurant’s responsibility.

Do customers give feedback?

We think hearing from our customers is vital. We attempt to collect feedback on every order as customers can rate Quick Cuisine Hawaii, the driver, and the restaurant. We love sharing this data with our partners as it offers vital insight into the wants and habits of your customers. Furthermore, we also have data on most popular items, customer email addresses, and performance history. If used properly, any restaurant can take advantage of these statistics and trends.

Still have more questions? Meet with your dedicated representative.